Prayer Chaplain

Interested in becoming a Prayer Chaplain?
Our Prayer Chaplain Training will be held via Zoom on November 5 from 6:00-9:00pm and November 6 from 9:00am-4pm . We will be joining with Unity of Vacaville for this training.
Read about Unity Chaplains at (click on the link)
By completing this application, you are walking through a doorway of ministry. Prayer Chaplains hold spiritual space, listen in confidence and share uplifting words of truth. This is a step toward making an inspired and supportive contribution to our members and attendees' spiritual journeys. Thank you for taking this first step.
"Prayer...properly understood and applied, is the most potent instrument of action." - Mohandas Gandhi
As an extension of the Lead Minister, Prayer Chaplains play an important role at Unity of San Leandro . Prayer chaplaincy calls to those who wish to be of service through prayer and care of their spiritual family.
Behind the scenes and just as importantly, the Prayer Chaplains:
  • Pray for every prayer request submitted.
  • Make phone calls to pray when someone is in need. 
  • Host the World Day of Prayer in September. 
  • Host a Prayer Vigil in November. 
  • Other activities as needed.
Participation in a 1 1/2-day training is required to become a Prayer Chaplain. The training utilizes the prayer chaplaincy program from Love and Light Ministries.  
More importantly, it requires a commitment on their hearts to help others through prayer and the presence of their care.