Dear Friend,

SAD NEWS! At least it’s sad to me. I learned earlier today that 0ur church group will not be gathering in person this Easter Sunday. The SL Senior Community Center doesn’t have staff to support opening due to their either having Covid or having been exposed to it. So all bookings at the Senior Center scheduled for Sunday have been cancelled and the Center is closed. Therefore our congregation cannot meet there this Sunday.

Easter is one of the most important Sundays in Christendom if not the most important. Although I am disappointed, this experience has revealed to me how much I love our Easter celebrations and our congregants. So with the challenges in life (minor crucifixions) we get still (go into the tomb) then rise above the situation and keep going (experience resurrection). Also, it has pointed out the need for us to own our meeting space. So let’s get busy finding our own building. Please let us know if you see something that might work. (510) 483-2132 church office or email us at unitysanleandro@sbcglobal.net.

If you are wondering what to do with the new socks you were asked to donate for us to donate to the unhoused, you can either bring them to Unity of Castro Valley to our office on April 11 or 12, 10:30 -2:00pm , or bring them on the first Sunday in June to the Senior Center in San Leandro. We will conduct worship services at the SL Senior Community Center on the first Sundays throughout the rest of the year at 12:12pm.   The other Sundays will be live-streamed only at 11:11am  

Richest Blessings,

Rev. Diana McDaniel

P.S. You only need to go to our website unitysanleandro.org and click on the photo of inside of the church and at 12:12pm the services will broadcast.